EMTA Promo Eskisehir

Indoor and outdoor advertising, auto covering, styrofoam & 3D applications


Considering the location and characteristics of the project in line with customer-oriented demands.


We make our design team's project ready for production. Your unusual designs excite us as much as you do.


Thanks to the advanced technology equipment we use, we make quality-appropriate production.


Every stage of our products is followed in management control and all controls are made before assembly.


All processes are assembled under control so that the project can be carried out in a timely and high standard.


Keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level is one of Emta Promo's quality policy.

We produce solutions for all your projects

in Eskişehir and surrounding provinces...

Digital Print

Digital Print

We provide digital printing service with long lasting and high quality products.

Totem Signage

Totem Signage

Ergonomically and stylishly designed products add a different atmosphere to your company.

Facade Coating

Facade Coating

We prepare our work by offering different designs for all types of buildings.

Visual Application

Visual Application

Advertising and color work is applied with the utmost care by our expert team.

You can see

our team and the way we work by looking the examples from our works.

  • Karplas
  • Nevale Ev Yemekleri
    Nevale Ev Yemekleri
  • Konsept
  • Nur Otomotiv
    Nur Otomotiv
  • Adem Otomotiv
    Adem Otomotiv
  • Bufi
  • Cafe Twenty Six
    Cafe Twenty Six
  • Konsept


projeleri ve duyuruları buradan takip edebilirsiniz...

23 Apr

Box letter references have been updated.

Lighted and without light all box letter signages application procedures are carefully and by our expert team.

Devamını Oku >>
18 Mar

Totem signage references have been updated.

We have updated our Totem sign references which have different dimensions and with and without illumination features in Eskişehir and surrounding provinces.

Devamını Oku >>
07 Feb

Facade Coating references have been updated.

In our building and facade cladding works, we can make stretching and vinyl application in all buildings and sizes.

Devamını Oku >>

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that we produce the solution


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